Updating Your Web Portfolio


Always make sure that you maintain your portfolio and update it with any recent or new information, and of course once you have started any new employment.

If applicable, your career advisor should always be you main point of contact for portfolio updates. Only when you are both in agreement is it a good time to contact your web designer or contact for portfolio updates 'unless' they are considered minor updates such as phone, email, dates etc (see below for definition).

Selected portfolios (V3.0 and above) will allow you to have the ability to update your own content and persoanl information.

You may also submit a support ticket for updates or techical enquiries, please visit support.mycareerhighlights.com. This tool offered to you is also an excellent resource for viewing previous questions already asked.

Minor changes are limited per year and are dependent on your portfolio contract and package. Major changes to your portfolio may occur extra charges however this is not common. If you have any questions, please use this online form

Example Minor Updates include (we are very flexible with most updates):

Example Major Updates include: